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Learn the mental secrets of the pros with Thought Free Golf

Tour players claim their game is at least 90% mental, Mastering the mental side is essential.

What the Pro’s Say!

“As one of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers, one of the biggest complaints that I hear is ‘I have a hard time taking my swing from the range to the golf course.’ Thought Free Golf, is an amazing product and does a tremendous job at bridging that gap. This simple to use program is a must for anyone having problems taking it from the range to the tee.”

Eric Johnson
Top 100 Teacher
Director of Instruction
Oakmont Country Club


How Does It Work?

The Thought Free Golf & Putting CD’s are designed to hard-wire the thought routine for your A-swing and putting stroke into your brain.

While the driving range and the putting green provides you with a way to physically practice, Thought Free products provides a way for you to practice mentally. All you have to do is take the time to listen to the CD. The more often you listen the more you will reinforce the pattern.

What is Thought Free Golf?

Thought Free Golf is a simple, proven mental routine that brings your driving range swing to the first tee by developing a consistency in your swing mechanics. It will help you take that consistency to the course. Once you learn to swing “thought free” you will be on automatic pilot for those few short, crucial seconds that start with your set-up and end in follow through.

  • Will help you develop a routine that allows your mind to become free of conscious thought during your swing
  • 3-step process allows your body to release your swing without interference from your brain
  • Puts you into a state of flow and it gives you the ability to operate at a level of unconscious competence just like the pros
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What is Thought Free Putting?

Thought Free Putting utilizes the patterns established in Thought Free Golf to create a relaxed putting visualization. Think of this audio CD as your mental putting green. It is a 30 minute guided visualization using both voice and background music. It utilizes the 3 step Thought Free Golf process to clear your mind and allow your body to make consistent smooth putts.

  • Master the mental side of putting in 3 simple steps!
  • Clear your mind of all distractions while putting ”like a pro”
  • Release all tensions from your mind and body
  • Establish a mental routine for every putt
  • Eliminate the stress of a pressure putt
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ThoughtFree Gives You Complete Control of Your Golf Game!

ThoughtFree Golf and Putting makes it easy to play your best. Learn More and take control of your golf game today. With thousands of satisfied customers we are very confident in the effectiveness of thoughtfreegolf.

Mental Mastery

Recent research shows that with repetitive use these neural pathways can be strengthened. This same research also shows that the pathways we do not use regularly will eventually atrophy like unused muscles. By practicing consistent, repetitive thoughts and actions we can reinforce these pathways ....

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