Mental Mastery

Mental Mastery

golferWe have literally millions of nerve connections in our brain. Recent research shows that with repetitive use these neural pathways can be strengthened. This same research also shows that the pathways we do not use regularly will eventually atrophy like unused muscles. By practicing consistent, repetitive thoughts and actions we can reinforce these pathways and therefore build skills.

The mind records experience. The brain stores what it sees, hears, and feels into the packets of information that make up memories. The brain can recall experiences so vividly that the body will react as though the experience is concurrent. It doesn’t differentiate between something vividly imagined and something real.To make a mental pathway stronger all we have to do is replay an experience over and over again. Mental mastery comes when we have practiced a skill in our mind so many times that it becomes part of our neural network. In other words it becomes hard-wired into our brain. Through the study of kinesiology we have learned that this kind of mental practice can also help us build muscle memory. When actually performing a skill our muscles will repeat the pattern that we have practiced mentally.

Thought Free Golf is about the mastery of your mind during your golf shot. In a golf lesson you learn specific movements that you practice again and again until they become a part of your swing. Ideally, after enough practice these movements become grooved into your unconscious swing pattern. In that same way, Thought Free Golf helps you develop a consistent mental routine so that you can consistently and effortlessly tap into your best practiced swing.

For your putting, Thought Free Putting is designed to give you the ability to control your mind and body for consistent smooth putts.

The Thought Free Golf CD is designed to hard-wire the thought routine for your A-swing into your brain. While the driving range provides you with a way to physically practice your shots, Thought Free Golf provides a way for you to practice mentally. All you have to do is take the time to listen to the CD. The more often you listen the more you will reinforce the pattern.