MP3 Download Instructions to your Computer and Mobile Devices

MP3 Download Instructions to your Computer and Mobile Devices 2017-11-02T18:59:45+00:00
Download Thought Free Golf directly to comp-black-e1351124814286your Computer

First make a new playlist by going to the “File” menu and clicking “New Playlist” and naming it anything you like. Select that playlist in iTunes, then drag the Thought Free Golf MP3 from your hard drive into the right-hand pane. iTunes will start importing Thought Free Golf and populating the playlist. After it’s done, you’re free to play back Thought Free Golf.

NOTE: if iTunes is currently running on your computer when you start the download (via the ‘download link’ in the Thought Free Golf email) itunes might start to populate and download automatically. By doing this method you will preserve a ‘backup’ copy of your Thought Free Golf download.

Syncing Thought Free Golf to your Mobile Devices

In order to play Thought Free Golf or Thought Free Putting on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, sync it from iTunes on your computer to your mobile device.

Click here to learn how by watching a free video from iTunes

* Thought Free Golf is not affiliated with any of the iTunes applications nor do we provide support for iTunes apps.