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What is the voice saying on the Thought Free Golf® — Mental Program CD? Is there music? Subliminal messages? 2015-11-05T02:14:25+00:00

Thought Free Golf uses NO subliminal messages. You can listen to every word from beginning to end. The principle behind Thought Free Golf is a proven scientific method of patterning or conditioned response studied at the turn of the twentieth century by Nobel Prize winning physiologist, Dr. Ivan Pavlov.

How does Thought Free Golf® tap into the subconscious to create the perfect shot? 2015-11-05T02:14:32+00:00

When we do let go and allow our body to swing without conscious thought we draw up the competence stored in our unconscious. The complex muscle and mind activities that become “mastered” require zero conscious thought. You experience this kind of mastery when you ride a bike or drive a car. Have you ever driven home and when you arrived you didn’t remember part of the drive? Your conscious mind was thinking of something else while your subconscious drove.

To get good at golf you have to practice. The practice is recorded in muscle memory allowing you to develop an unconscious competence. The whole idea of practice is to record into your memory a good swing. That’s the reason golf lessons and the coaching and feedback that accompany them are so important. What some golfers don’t realize is that another way to practice is to visualize. You can improve your swing by practicing it in your mind. If you imagine a great swing your subconscious can actually record that pictured experience and then apply it to your physical swing.

Once you have developed a good swing through coaching, feedback, practice, and visualization – you need the confidence that your subconscious can call up your “A” swing consistently while on the course.

When golf courses are designed the tees are positioned with psychological elements in mind. These psychological challenges can distract you and cause uncertainty. This uncertainty can prevent you from letting go enough for your best swing to be released through your “auto pilot.” This is the reason golfers can hit well on the driving range but often struggle on the first tee.

According to neuroscientists, we are aware of about five percent of our cognitive activity. Thus ninety-five percent of our brain actually goes beyond our consciousness. We utilize a bit of that 95% when we use a thing called the adaptive unconscious. The adaptive unconscious allows us to do things with high levels of complexity without having to think through every step. An example might be, turning a car through a corner without having to go through the calculations to determine the precise angle of the turn, steering radius speed, and velocity of the automobile. Once our adaptive unconscious learns the golf swing it can reproduce it with extreme accuracy, as long as we don’t interfere with it consciously.

Does it work gradually or start working immediately? 2015-11-05T02:14:40+00:00

For some people Thought Free Golf delivers a confident, consistent swing the very first time they listen to it. But for most people the results increase in effectiveness with repeated listening. In the same way your golf swing improves with physical practice Thought Free Golf will provides the practice you need to improve your mental game.

Do you have to listen with headphones or can it be played through speakers? 2015-11-05T02:14:48+00:00

Either headphones or speakers are fine. The most important thing for listening to the Thought Free Golf CD is that you find a place where you can close your eyes, relax and listen without interruption. Many people listen to Thought Free Golf on airplanes and therefore use headphones. Others have a CD player with speakers and listen to it in their bedrooms or even in their offices at work.

Are there side effects? 2015-11-05T02:14:56+00:00

Actually there is one really positive “side effect” which is that you will learn a pattern and lifelong skill that will help you move your practiced swing to the course. In fact, we’ve found that the more you listen to the CD, the more skilled you will become at finding that “A” swing, the one that keeps you coming back to the course. After repeated listenings you will be able to tap into that swing without using the CD. In other words, you will develop a pattern in your mind which allows you to access you best swing “on-demand”.

I’ve heard strong-willed or fairly intelligent people are not easily hypnotized. Will the CD work for me? 2015-11-05T02:15:04+00:00

First, let’s talk about hypnosis. It is a misunderstood term because of the “stage hypnosis” popularized on TV and other media. Stage hypnosis fools people into believing someone can be controlled against their will. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE. Thought Free Golf uses both voice and music to relax you and take you down to a deep level of thought. There are no subliminal words. You hear it all. There are hypnotic language patterns which work especially well for someone who has the will or desire to improve the mental mastery of their game. Further more, research shows a strong correlation between higher intelligence and the ability to be hypnotized.

Is Thought Free Golf® available in stores? 2015-11-05T02:15:13+00:00

At present, Thought Free Golf is only available through this website and on Amazon.com Due, however, to its increasing popularity we expect it to be available in stores in the near future.

Can I order Thought Free Golf by mail? 2015-11-05T02:15:18+00:00

Yes, U.S. residents can order Thought Free Golf by mail by sending your name, address and a check or money order to:

Thought Free Golf
Innovation Strategy Group
282 Main Street – STE B
Port Washington, NY 11050

Thought Free Golf – $49.95 + $5.25 shipping
Thought Free Putting – $29.95 + $5.25 shipping
Both Thought Free Golf & Thought Free Putting – $59.95 +$5.25 shipping

What is your return policy and does it apply to the downloadable version? 2015-11-05T02:15:26+00:00

With thousands of satisfied customers we are very confident in the effectiveness of Thought Free Golf. If you’re not fully satisfied with the results, please return the Program within 90 days to the return address on the shipping label. (Given the effectiveness of Thought Free Golf increases with repeated use, all we ask is that you give it at least a 30 day trial.)

Return policy does not apply to downloadable format.

How do I download Thought Free Golf onto my computer, iPhone, or iPad? 2015-11-05T02:15:32+00:00

For instructions on how to download Thought Free Golf onto your computer click here.