Garcia Inches Closer To Wood’s #1 Ranking

Garcia Inches Closer To Wood’s #1 Ranking

The impressive talent from Spanish born Sergio Garcia has landed him closer to reaching the top status in golf’s world rankings.  Tiger Woods, who is still out of action for the 2009 PGA Tour, has a mere 2.8 lead over Garcia.

Tiger’s tour absence has boosted Garcia’s results for the past few tournaments.  Sergio’s golf swing has landed him within the top ten for the past seven tournaments.

Sergio Garcia, like Tiger, has brought an appealing angle to the PGA Tour that has drawn more and more spectators to watch his style of play.  His golfing career started early on at the ripe age of three.  His father has been giving him golfing tips throughout the years, which has molded him into one of today’s top golfers.  The one thing missing from Sergio Garcia’s many accomplishments is a first place finish at a major tournament.  He was one hole away from winning the 2007 Open Championship, but he bogeyed the hole, which eventually lead to his defeat in a playoff against Pádraig Harrington.

Tiger Woods, on the other had, is a seasoned PGA Tour professional with 14 major tournament wins.  The only reason his top world ranking is in jeopardy is because his status is still un-active for the 2009 season.  Tiger is preparing to reintroduce his golf swing to world, later in the year, when his reconstructed knee will be 100% ready to go.

For now though, Sergio Garcia will try to inch closer and closer to Tiger’s world ranking by continuing to play aggressive golf at the upcoming tournaments.