The Basketball “Free Throw” Experiment

The Basketball “Free Throw” Experiment

A study was conducted on 30 basketball players. 10 were asked to practice one hour daily for a month on specific shots. Another 10 were asked to practice mentally making the same shots for an hour each day for a month.  The last 10 were asked not to practice and to do nothing for a month.

The results:

·      The group that didn’t practice showed no improvement.

·      The group that practiced the shots daily saw an improvement of  24% .

·      The group that practiced mentally improved equally 24%!

They were given one Simple instruction, “Practice mentally making  baskets”.

They had all made baskets before so they all had a “common frame of reference for success”.

Visualization is controlled by our subconscious inner thoughts. The simple key: Feed your subconscious with the right thoughts.