Improve Your Swing During The Off Season

Improve Your Swing During The Off Season

The winter season is the average golfer’s off-season.  The weather is colder, the greens are covered with snow, and most tee times are being made through a Nintendo or Playstation gaming system.  Here is a call to action; improve your golfing abilities before the season officially kicks off.

Instead of sitting on the couch looking at your golf clubs helplessly, get up and strengthen your core muscles.  The core muscles are the main engines that work to propel your swing, which if strengthened correctly, will produce a better golf swing.  Improving the physical aspect of the game can lead to longer distances off the tee that will give your iron play a bit of a breather.

It’s important to get the other side of your golf game in check as well: Mental strength.  Take a look at Tiger Woods’ concentration when he walks into the tee box.  His eyes, along with his body language, are addressing the situation ahead of him: teeing off.  His mind automatically blocks out the random thoughts that are trying to divert his attention from the ball.  Plus, Tiger Woods has to deal with the hundreds of spectators that follow him from hole to hole.  The pressure has always been on him, and if you look closely at his mental concentration before hitting a ball, he is always focused.

Tiger’s accomplishments have come from his outstanding performances on the courses that he has played on.  Keep in mind though, his accomplishments have spawned from his deep mental preparedness that he has while playing.  He has a better golf swing than 99% of the people who play golf because he has learned to properly control both his physical and mental strengths.

Exercising the core muscle groups will help improve your handicap for this coming season.  However, strengthening your mental ability on the golf course will further provide more results with less sweat involved.