Mental Pressure: US Open and the World Cup

Mental Pressure: US Open and the World Cup

European players have a load of pressure when it comes to winning the US Open similar to England winning the World Cup. For both, it has been over 40 YEARS!

The pressure of not having won gets greater with every passing year and that burden is passed down from one generation to the next. For a European to take the steps to win the US Open it is vital they put all dreams aside and relieve themselves of the perceived burden of their country and continent. Players like Lee Westwood and Ian Poulter should be picturing themselves holding the trophy aloft – rather than sinking the winning putt as you might expect.

Go to Pebble Beach with a negative mindset, or a defeatist attitude, you are pretty much sealing your fate. When a course is tight and designed to test you, it is vital you stay optimistic. You have to understand that everyone will be in the same situation, and that you have every chance of winning.

A powerful way of preparing positively is to use visualization. Your ideal round should be replayed in your mind to the point where you recognize every part of the course, and you see yourself playing like a US Open Champion.

You need to expect things to go down as well as up. Very rarely will a golfer play exceptional golf for the full four rounds. How you interpret the negative is what can determine you as a winner – because your interpretation is what will help you bounce back, and stay in contention.