Overcoming Distractions

Overcoming Distractions

Expert professionals that deal with sports psychology and the mental side of sports agree that the first step to dealing with fear and distractions on the sporting field is to make the conscious decision to recognize that you are indeed in the middle of a stressful situation. Don’t ignore what’s really happening.

What you need to do is focus and turn things around. Say something to yourself like the following:

“Yes I am a little nervous, but that’s okay it’s just normal. Any golfer facing the same shot on the golf course would feel the same way. It’s perfectly fine and I have a very good reason to feel this way.

This simple tip helps you understand the position you are in and helps you deal with the feelings of anxiety and nervousness so that you can prepare for the next golf shot. Just by knowing you have to play a certain golf shot and you must do it with nervous energy, is very important to helping your mind relax and boosts your golf mental game.

After you examine the situation on the golf course, and hopefully start to embrace it, you can better deal with the anxiety and have total control over it. This is where the tools from Thought Free Golf can be used to eliminate all distractions. Treat each situation on the golf course as you would when you recognize any familiar sound of a common occurrence such as that long patch of grass that catches your eye, or the wind gusting. Simply recognize and remove the distractions the same as you would any other insignificant event.