Thought Free Golf® Digital Download

Thought Free Golf® Digital Download

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What’s Included In The Thought-Free Golf System®?

Thought Free Golf (50 Page Illustrated .pdf Book)

This illustrated book explains how your swing is actually wired into your brain and how internal thoughts can be a golfer’s worst enemy. This book answers the questions:

* What are the critical three minutes in your game?
* How can you bring your best driving range swing to the first tee?
* How can you eliminate tension even during the most difficult shots?
* How can you develop a more consistent swing?
* How can you simply and easily master the mental side of the game?

Thought Free Golf®: The Mental Program (Audio MP3 Recording)

A 30 minute guided visualization using both voice and background music. It is designed to give you access to your practiced (and best) driving range swing. With repeated listening, the language patterns or “anchors” in Thought Free Golf can be used at any time (with or without the Audio MP3 Recording) to put you in a state of relaxation allowing you to consistently tap into your best swing–effortlessly.

The “Secret” Behind Thought Free Golf® (Audio MP3 Recording):

An Interview Between the Publisher of Golf Magazine and Thought Free Golf Creator, Frank A. Prince