Sir Charles Barkley Will Finally Fix His Golf Swing

Sir Charles Barkley Will Finally Fix His Golf Swing

We have all seen, or at least heard of, Charles Barkley’s horrendous golf swing.  The legendary basketball star has been featured on several sports news networks showcasing his swing technique.

Luckily there is hope for Sir Charles because Hank Haney, Tiger Woods coach, has a new show premiering this March called “Project Barkley” that will provide golfing tips to help improve Barkley’s swing.  After seeing the video above with his old swing, you can clearly see that there is a tremendous amount of improvement that needs to done.  The overall swing from start to finish is almost too horrifying to sit through because the technique is so awkward and inconsistent.

I have to admit though; I’m going to miss Sir Charles’ goofy swing because it was always a great water cooler conversation starter.  Even better, it was always fun seeing people at the driving range trying to mimic his swing just for the fun of it.  In a way, Charles Barkley’s golf swing brought light to world of golf and helped introduce the sport to the basketball demographic.

What ever the outcome is, Barkley’s swing will not soon be forgotten.  Keep checking our blog for any further updates about the show: “Project Barkley”.