Take a Look at this Hole … Wow!

Take a Look at this Hole … Wow!

The sport of golf is like no other because every individual hole on any given course is exclusive to the world in its own way.  They might all consist of the same elements – water, sand, trees, etc – but the layouts and placements are one of a kind.  Today’s technology, both cutting edge and state of the art, has given the sport of golf a unique spin on how a golf course can be created by removing all creative boundaries that may have existed in the past.

Some of the most recognizable and famous holes in golf have several years of play on their track records.  The 18th hole on St. Andrews “Old Course” has seen plenty of golf swings in its day, and the world famous 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass has collected enough golf balls from its surrounding pond that the course could run a successful store selling only golf balls to the public.  These, of course, are just a few of the world’s most famous holes in golf and we’re pretty sure that there are hundreds more worth mentioning; however, the one we’re about to talk about may take years of solid golfing tips to master its challenges.

South Africa – maybe not the first place that pops in your head when thinking about golf – has one of the most challenging and never before seen par 3 holes in the world.  The Legends Golf and Safari Resort in South Africa, a PGA professional inspired golf course, has a hidden 19th hole that requires a better golf swing to even think about bogeying the hole.  The extreme 19th hole is the longest par 3 holes in the world and has the prize of $1,000,000 for any golfer lucky enough to ace the hole.

Check out the video for yourself: