The Woods Family Has A New Member: Charlie

The Woods Family Has A New Member: Charlie

The PGA Tour is off and running but the star of the tour professionals, Tiger Woods, is still sidelined and may be for a few more weeks.  Tiger and Elin Woods are the new proud parents of their baby boy, Charlie Axel Woods.

Elin Woods, the wife of Tiger, gave birth to Charlie Axel Woods on Sunday the 8th of February.  The birth of their son was jokingly significant to Tiger because it happened on the final tournament day of the Buick Invitational; a tournament that he has won numerous times.  Tiger did say that he has been practicing his golf swing on his own course in Florida but he isn’t ready to jump back into action because his endurance is not 100%.  We will just have to wait a little longer I guess.

So now that the world’s best golfer has a new son, I wonder what kind of golfing tips he will extend to him.  Tiger’s father, Earl Woods, taught him how to control his mental game on the course, which led to his rise to greatness.  Like we have said before, Tiger’s mental game is one of the best that has ever graced the sport of golf.  If Tiger’s son chooses to pursue golf and learns how to control the mental aspect of the game, could he be better than his dad?  Interesting question if you really think about it.

It could be very possible that Charlie Axel Woods out plays his father in later years.  Keep in mind that his dad is Tiger Woods, who is currently on track to break the major wins record currently held by the great Jack Nicklaus.  The cards are in Tiger’s favor for breaking the record, could they be in Charlie’s for the future?

All in all, Thought Free Golf would like to congratulate the Woods family on their newest member of the family: Charlie Axel Woods.