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Golfers search endlessly for the perfect swing but often miss the most important key to improving their game—the mind. Before a tournament, pro golfers go through extensive physical as well as mental preparation. In addition to hours of practice and play, the top pros learn powerful mental methods to shut out distractions during high-pressure tournament conditions. Golf lessons and practice are the ways to prepare your body. Thought Free Golf is the ultimate way to prepare your mind.

After you develop consistency in your swing mechanics on the driving range, Thought Free Golf will help you take that consistency to the course. Once you learn to swing “thought free” you will have the ability to be on automatic pilot for those few short, crucial seconds that start with your set-up and end in follow through.

“As one of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers, one of the biggest complaints that I hear is ‘I have a hard time taking my swing from the range to the golf course.’ Frank’s program, Thought Free Golf, does a tremendous job at bridging that gap. This simple to use program is a must for anyone having problems taking it from the range to the tee.”

Eric Johnson
Top 100 Teacher
Director of Instruction
Oakmont Country Club

Simply put, Thought Free Golf is a mental routine. Just like a swing routine it is a consistent pattern you will follow. It is a routine that allows your mind to become free of conscious thought during your swing. This simple 3-step process allows your body to release your swing without interference from your brain.

A swing takes approximately two seconds. When you break 90, you swing the club for a total of only three minutes out of a four-hour round of golf. Between the critical three minutes of swings there are long periods of time when your mind can wander. To play golf well your mental state during that swing time has to be without interruption. In sports like basketball, soccer or tennis there is very little time to think between shots. Pro athletes say that when they are at their best they are acting and reacting in a state of “flow”. They are able to achieve this state of flow through uninterrupted repetition–resulting in physical and mental skills of unconscious competence that sets them apart. In golf, you need the ability to achieve a state of flow quickly and maintain it despite the long amount of time between shots.

Thought Free Golf makes those three critical minutes a time when your subconscious takes charge and swings for you. It taps into that place in your mind where all your practice has been stored into a skill. It puts you into a state of flow and it gives you the ability to operate at a level of unconscious competence just like the pros.

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