Thought Free Golf’s 3 Favorite iPhone Golf Apps

Thought Free Golf’s 3 Favorite iPhone Golf Apps

Today’s mobile technology is a hard subject to ignore.  People can be connected to the Internet wherever they are as long as they have a cell phone and an Internet package attached to their phone plan.  An amazing mobile device, famously known as Apple’s iPhone, can provide somebody directions while they’re driving/walking, can help translate languages while on the move, can pay bills and transfer funds with one finger, and thousands of other uses that we don’t have the time or space to write about.  Nothing can escape the grasp of the almighty iPhone, and this statement is also holding true to the wonderful sport of golf.

We have looked long and hard to find our favorite three iPhone applications that will help improve one’s golf swing, along with their score.  We didn’t find an app (application in iPhone language) that provided accurate golfing tips at the click of a button; however, we did find some useful handicap lowering apps that can only help improve one’s final score for the day.
1.    Airvue Golf – $$$

This amazing app gives rich satellite imagery of every golf course in America.  Even better, this app gives accurate GPS measurements of distances to the hole, along with hazards, from any current location on the course.  I’m sure you have seen those $400 GPS range finders at golf stores; well, they’re no longer needed if you have an iPhone because this app replaces them.  This app alone can allow you to provide endless golfing tips for not only yourself, but for others in your groups as well.  I can almost guarantee that your friends and colleagues will call you first the next time they decide to set up a friendly tee time.
2.    Cynical Peak Software, LLC: Scorecard Golf – Free

First off, this iPhone app is free… yaaaaaay!  However, there is a software program (Scorecard 1.5 -$30) that needs to be purchased to analyze that data that is entered in the app itself.  This app is a great way to track your score, along with your friend’s scores, to have an easier way of knowing who is in the lead and who won which hole.  It’s also a great way to track the accuracy of your golf swing by determining the outcome of each individual hole.
3.    GL Golf– $

This app does not give golfing tips; however, it’s a great little game to pass away some time.  Not much to it really, it’s a fun little golf game.

These are our favorite golf apps for Apple’s iPhone that can be both helpful and fun to use.  Fell free to voice your opinion because we are always open for comments.