Thought Free Golf’s: Golfing Tips of the Week

Thought Free Golf’s: Golfing Tips of the Week

Golfing tips from all over the web are showcased in our “Links of the Week” section.  Everyweek, it keeps getting warmer and warmer which can only mean one thing; The 2009 golf season is inching closer everyday.  We wanted to provide some golf tip related links to help tweak out the rusted areas within your golf game.  So sit back and enjoy the information.

We wanted to start this post with a “how to” link about one of golf’s most annoying situations: ball marks on the green.  Every year it seems like more and more ball marks are not getting repaired.  And for the record, how annoying is it when you make a putt and it randomly rolls to right or left of the cup simply becasue of an unrepaired ball mark?  It’s pretty annoying.

Golf Digest gives a great video on how to get out of the worst greenside jams. lets us in on Tiger’s secret with his keys to scoring low.  Our bet is that this link is going to the most traffic because everybody wants to know Tiger’s secret.

Attention all of you vacation golfers out there; Golf Digest has created a list of America’s 100 greatest golf courses.

To close out this week’s post, we wanted to end it with a classic clip from the greates golf movie ever: Caddy Shack