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It’s a wonderful day on the golf course. You hit a great shot off the tee, your second shot off the fairway is outstanding and then your iron shot is just feet from the cup. You feel confident as you approach the ball. But just as your putter makes contact, a mild spasm jerks your stroke—and you miss the cup entirely.

You’ve just experienced the dreaded yips.

What are the yips? The yips are involuntary motions of the hand and wrist that can make effective putting extremely difficult, if not impossible. The yips are most common during putts between five and ten feet. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that at least 1/3 of all serious golfers have experienced the yips. These golfers describe the feeling as a moment where their body has a “mind of its own.” The Mayo Clinic recommends “mental training” like visualization and relaxation as a way to eliminate the yips. Golfers who are relaxed when putting do not get the yips.

Thought Free Putting utilizes the patterns established in Thought Free Golf to create a relaxed putting visualization. Think of this audio CD as your mental putting green. It is a 30 minute guided visualization using both voice and background music. It utilizes the 3 step Thought Free Golf process to clear your mind and allow your body to make consistent smooth putts. Thought Free Putting is the best tool to lower your score and putt like a pro. It is the mental training used by many pro’s to keep the yips at bay.Thought Free Putting teaches you how to:

  • Master the mental side of putting in 3 simple steps!
  • Clear your mind of all distractions while putting” like a pro
  • Release all tensions from your mind and body
  • Establish a mental routine for every putt
  • Eliminate the stress of a pressure putt

“I see Thought Free Putting as a powerful technique for curing the yips.”
— Chris Wightman, Publisher, Golf Magazine

Thought Free Putting is intended to work in conjunction with Thought Free Golf.
While the beginning and ending of these two separate audio programs are identical, Thought Free Putting has guided imagery to focus the mind on 3 simple steps for smooth easy putts each and every time.

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