Tiger’s First Round Back: Not Bad

Tiger’s First Round Back: Not Bad

Tiger Woods made his long awaited comeback yesterday morning at the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship against the 33yr old Australian, Brendan Jones.  Tiger, ranked number one in the world rankings at the beginning of 2009, was expected to breeze by Jones who was ranked 53rd in the world rankings.  The crowds were large and the anticipation was overwhelming: a classic Tiger Woods showing.

Tiger opened his 2009 debut with a birdie, followed by an eagle, for his first two holes of the season.  He was not favoring his newly constructed knee, as it seems to be 100% healed.  His famous golf swing looked perfect, as if nothing had been reconstructed or corrected.  Spectators and media personnel reported that Tiger’s appearance, along with his first performance since the 2008 US Open, looked as normal as possible.

Yesterday, Tiger allowed himself only 3 bogies in his first round of the tournament.  At times, Tiger’s opponent Brendan Jones seemed to be taking golfing tips from him after falling behind by three strokes early on.  It was Jones’ first time playing against Woods, which is why his mental game may not have been properly in tune.  We have said it before in the past; Tiger’s mental game is perhaps the best weapon ever to grace any golf course.  Clearly, his thoughts were properly focused during yesterday’s opening round.

The tournament will continue today with Tiger matching up against the 8th seeded golfer in the Bobby Jones bracket, Tim Clark.  Can Tiger accurately harness his golf swing and win his second match in the tournament this afternoon?  We predict that he will indeed answer with another match play victory.  He looks like he is having fun again, which is dangerous for the other PGA Tour professionals gunning for the 2009 FedEx Cup.